Friday 12 April 2013

The Most Expensive T-Shirt, It's Worth More Than A Car!!!

Check Out The Most Expensive T Shirt In The World   The $90,000 USD Herm├Ęs Croc T Shirt

Well, seems like all these fashion designers want to out do themselves by all means. First it was the suit made of diamonds, now we have a t-shirt that's worth more than a car. This t-shirt is said to cost about $91,500 USD.

Hmmmm, you read right. The t-shirt was designed by a french luxury brand called 'Hermes'. The t-shirt is made of new crocodile leather. I guess they are charging the customers for the scars they incurred while battling with the crocodile and the equipment they used to thoroughly wash the blood off.


People, is this truly luxury or just a waste of money? Can you purchase this t-shirt?

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  1. Crocodile huh??
    Please is that no funny?hian

  2. No be only crocodile skin
    They even went to the moon to get the leather......
    Luxury misplaced indeed
    SIpping my drink jeje
    .....La creamy.......


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