Monday 15 April 2013

Super Crazy Relationship Advice When Your Boyfriend Cheats On You With Your Best Friend

OMG!!! The babe that gave this advice has to be the meanest/ craziest girl ever. You don't want to be her boy friend and ever look at another girl!

Please, do not do this!!! It's just for laughs sake. Always douche and never shove a gun *up there*. No one can possibly be this depressed (LOL). Best thing to do is move on. They are both not worth your time.

Do you think this advice is sensible? Girls, can you do this? Guys, can you date a girl like this?

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  1. lwkmd.................Think this babe is heartbroken.

  2. Omo mehn! D babe dt gave dt advice na mean binch lol. She no go dey when police come oh


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