Thursday 11 April 2013

Should Nigerian Celebrities Start Charging Fans For Pictures?


Crazy right? Well Meek Mill, an American celebrity doesn't think so. He says he sees nothing wrong with charging fans for pictures.

Imagine the kind of money they would make from all the people that rush at them. On another hand, some people won't approach celebrities again because of this. This would allow celebrities move about in peace.

Just imagine it, what if it comes to the point where you would have to pay just to take a picture with one of your favorite celebrities, how would you feel? Will you be willing to pay? If yes,which celebrity would you be willing to pay in order to take a picture with?

Meek Mill and fans

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  1. Uche.

    The girl in MTNpulse advert.I just like her.

  2. Kim K and Tiwa Savage.... In Love.. Forget Tbillz and Kanye


  3. D'banj,Jay Z and Kanye West


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