Friday 12 April 2013

Seduction Tips For The Weekend...

The weekend is here, time to relax and be with your loved ones. How about making this weekend a steamy one with that special person in your life. Has it been a while since you guys got all tangled up in bed or you are newly weds looking for more ways to drive yourselves crazy? Whatever the case, here are some basic seduction techniques you can try.
  • Communicate with your smile, eyes and touch. This is the simplest seduction technique ever, but most people fail to do it or get it wrong. Don't let your touch be harsh or rough, be tender, let your stares linger. There is a way a person would smile that the partner would know what he/she is thinking.
  • Use the magic words 'I love you' and mean it. A person can sense when its just coming from the teeth.
  • Be sexy! Buy something sexy if you have thrown out the old ones. This would definitely set something 'on' in your spouse.
  • Offer to massage your spouse body and do it in a very erotic way.
  • Say naughty things to each other. Whatever you think your spouse would like, be it pet names or kinky names.
  • Show off. When you and your partner are just relaxing alone, start doing something totally unexpected like taking off your top to show off your biceps/boobs. This would get your spouse excited.
  • Change your  boring routine. Offer to have sex somewhere else or in a different way, just do something new.
Lastly, don't tell him/ her you read the tips here.


  1. U dis chizy geh ehn! U too lyk weekend...I can imagine watgoes down during d weekend @ ur home

  2. Hehehheeheh Chizy take it easy Oo┬║°˚. This ur tips na wah. All 4 d weekend??????

  3. I hope this post is directed SOLELY at married couples. Please don't encourage sex outside of wedlock on your blog. Young minds are reading.

    1. Hypocite, she giving tips, any 1 who finds it educating or inspiring can use it... How is she encouraging young pple to sex out of wedlock.. U must comment.. Smh.. Tnks chizy it wrk for me I got man screaming out my name.. Wink

  4. Hmm, straight to his house nw. Oso ga eme now!

  5. Nor put person for trouble abeg ooo

  6. shebi she mentioned spouse @22:43. what if im conscious of my body. its not the same as b4. im afraid he might not find me sexy again.

  7. Newly wed couples need seduction tips actually.Always smile,it can seduce anyone easily.Look good be nice.The tips you had shared above is also worth to read and will really help the one who need it.


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