Thursday, 11 April 2013

Photos Of The Day

Hmmm........the force of gravity where she was must have been really strong with the way her boobs are sagging. I wonder what she was thinking when she was dressing up. There is a reason why bras were created you know. It's funny how some ladies try to show off with their dresses and at the end of the day they step out looking ridiculous.

What do you think of her dressing, trendy or trashy?


Although this is funny, it is also a serious issue. Readers, do you agree with this and if yes, what must be done to change it?

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  1. Some girls should start dressing decently already!hian

    Some Pastors are actually generous you know,that's why I like watching Emmanuel TV.

  2. Lol.. She wants to show off.. Proud of her Goodies...

    Yea According to Nwabuike ... There are some Generous Pastors o...


  3. Yeah...... The "force" was strong in this one!!!! [in master yoda's voice]


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