Thursday, 11 April 2013

Nigerian Celebrities With Children Outside Wedlock.

You all should know what inspired this write up. I saw a comment about the newest celebrity dad, it read "All you celebrities should wife your women and stop having babies outside wedlock!"

What do you think about that statement? It seems like Nigerians are embracing the system of having children outside wedlock; if it is more convenient, i don't know. Some celebrities have been with the same person for years now, still they haven't tied the knot. Is it the fear of being stuck with some one for ever or just plain cold feet. Thank God the king of this trend got married of recent. Female celebrities are not exempted from this. Gone are the days when the society frowned at such things. Now we have women having babies and keeping the father's identity hidden.

Celebrities should bare in mind that people look up to them for so many things. Their fans want to imitate what they are doing hence, they should try to do the right thing. Beyond the music and movies you deliver to us, is there anything more we can learn from you? Can your fans say "i want to live like..." and people would be proud of them. We understand that things happen along the way that might cause people to separate, but that should even encourage you to do things the right way.

Dearest celebrities, we love and appreciate you. But please, try and do the right thing....

What do you think about this trend, is it okay for celebrities to have children outside wedlock at this rate?

Here are some celebrities in this category;


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  1. Lol, Just Leave them Jare... Maybe they've their Own reason.. Maybe its personal.. Just Leave them for me :D


  2. Much better than abortion. Every one has a right to be born and to live.

  3. Chizy don't be judgmental ok........Dearest celebrities, we love and appreciate you. But please, try and do the right thing....

    It's their business as long as it doesn't affect you and I, who cares?

  4. how is she judgmental. she is just saying it as it is. the truth is bitter thats all

    1. Some are lucky to get married. Some not so lucky. Some marry after having kids outside. What she said is judgmental. "do the right thing." That you and I believe in marriage doesn't mean the next person does. You cannot impose your views on others. QED.


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