Friday 19 April 2013

Kim Kardashian's Revealing Maternity Wardrobe Clothes, Flashy or Trashy?

Kim Kardashian Beverly Hills out and about

Kim Kardashian and her famous red lipsticks are back. She was spotted some days ago wearing this belly revealing lace camisole as she spent the afternoon with friends. This would not be the first of its kind as she has been seen in other body revealing outfits, why all this? you'll wonder. It might be an attempt to clear all doubts that her pregnancy is not real and just a fake tummy pad most people believe she has been wearing. Kim K has about three months left for her pregnancy to be due.

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  1. I want my baby mama to be pregnant,and still look good this way.

    1. This u call looking good? Get a life pls. Come nd see how I look @ my 8th month, then u compare.mtcheewwwwww

  2. she 4gets she is pregnant! she should cool down with all the fashion n watch r tummy

  3. she 4gets she is pregnant! she need 2 relax with d fashion statements n concentrate on her tummy!


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