Saturday, 6 April 2013

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Bare Baby Bump To Keep Her Critics Quiet

It has been weeks since Media Takeout accused Kim Kardashian of faking her pregnancy despite the fact that she was clearly adding weight on a daily basis. It seems Kim got the message and to shut her critics up, she posted the above photograph showing her bare baby bump. 

Did you ever think she was faking her pregnancy? 

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  1. For why?? Why would I think of that?? She's my own Woman.. Wish to meet her one day. When MTO was Publishing all those shit, I was very angry. Thank God She have cleared the Air......


  2. Every single thing abt dis girl smells fake 2 me.....
    Yet 2 figure out why...

    1. Fake??? youre not serious, you still think kim's pregnancy is fake after this pic?? Nigga i'll advice you to stop doing drugs


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