Thursday, 11 April 2013

Charley Boy's Family, Crazy Like Him Or Not? Meet Some Other Oputa Family Members.

LOL, is Charley boy sleeping?

That aside. I must say, I love this picture. They all look so sophisticated. Charley boy tagged this picture 'My family, My rock'. The picture has some of Charley boy's children, Lady Di, his dad and mum. We gave you an insight on one of his daughters, Maggy. Now let's meet some other family members.

Meet Akunjeri Yvonne Oputa. She is a media producer, marketer, interior decoration artist and director of TAAKRA afro resources. He calls her his ' my right arm, my song, my princess'


Meet Charles Alex Oputa. He is a fashion designer and also The CEO of Alexander O. Alexander. Charley boy calls him 'my souljah,my prince'. He is also dating the fast rising rapper, Eva

 Miss Daisy J. Oputa. She recently graduated from one of the prestigious universities in the U.S. He calls her 'my song, my princess' also

What do you think, seems no one inherited his crazy genes right?

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