Sunday 14 April 2013

Actor, Solomon Akiyesi Who's Wife Stopped His Wedding To Pregnant Girlfriend Yesterday, Tells Us Why He Did It

Did you miss the drama that went on as actor, Solomon Akiyesi wife/ ex-wife showed up at his wedding to his pregnant girlfriend? Well find out HERE. The full gist is yet to pour out but the actor, in 4 sentences gave his fans an idea of why he did it. He wrote ....
"Every man has a right to take away that which will truncate his life. My marriage was one of the many things limiting me and retrogressing me. If I have a better alternative I doubt why I wont take it. People should leave me alone, pls."
I'm sure that's not enough explanation for his wife/ ex-wife, Lillian who was in tears yesterday. Hopefully next week's soft sell mags will give us a full insight.

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  1. d man is a fool and should be castrated.

  2. He has nothing to say, I guess he is just trying to cover up


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