Friday 1 March 2013

Yvonne Nelson Must Have Found Herself A Man (Tweet).

First off all there were speculations that Yvonne Nelson was back with Ice Prince, until Ice recently debunked the rumour, saying Yvonne Nelson is just a "special friend."

Anyway, whether or not dating Ice Prince, I think the Ghanian beauty must have left "the single zone" and have found herself a sweetheart. Her tweet early this morning seems to be stating so:

Well, I am left to wonder if the person is a special friend too.

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  1. If all dis gist ® true, then dis chic must be a whore. Inyanya, iceprince, newman. We dnt even know Ħδω many she has in Ghana.

  2. wat's wif dis so called celebs n social media??
    must dey always put up dere life ish?????
    I use to tink dis babe was smarter dan dis.

  3. she should go and seat her dirty pussy down! ashewo like her, she is not even ashamed to me announcing her nice shame, after Iyanyan nacked her well he dumped her for tonto, she took her rotten hands to her twitter to share her shame about that, the guy still had his way again after using tonto dike she has another guy that will nack her for 1month dump her and she we her waiting for the announcement on twitter... dem Nadia Buari, Jackie Apia will defo be doing their shits sercretly unlike this ashewo omo Ghana oshi..

  4. wow that last commentator has real issues with Ms Nelson... Please leave her alone...She is a celeb and she has the right to enjoy her life...She is young and can fall in & out of love any time she so wished...She can also express heart break and achievements any time she wants...This is a free world...Freedom of speech and freedom of association...To me Iyanyan is the real jackass...All He want are the waist of young women. when he's done, he dumps them....Ladies beware!!!


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