Tuesday 5 March 2013

Why Most Nigerian Students (Including Those From Wealthy Homes) Either Have Sugar Daddies OR Engage In Prostitution?

This question is as old and worn out as time itself. Yet still, nobody seems to be able to come up with a definite answer for it. Really,Why do most Nigerian students (including those from wealthy homes) either have sugar daddies OR engage in prostitution? I took time out to ask some people around me this question and here are some of their responses.

"its greed of course! Greed, laziness, peer pressure, no ambition! Mutsheeeeew!!!"LOL sounds like he has been a victim of these girls.
"Because their parents don’t give them all the cash they need"
"Money, peer pressure" hmmmm yet again
Yet another person "MONEY! Peer pressure too." I then replied "if that’s the main reason, why can’t they ask their parents, guidance e.t.c or get a decent job?" His response; "ooh! You’ll tell your parents you want bold5 today, they would drop the money. Less than two months after that, you want an iphone then later you want S3…you want to go for this show or that trip, you want to buy vuitton this Gucci that…and you expect them to give you the money every time. Naaaaa! Those girls do it for more money." *phew* that was a long speech but he really did break it down don’t you think.

Do you think that explanation justifies the act? What about their reputation? Keeping themselves for their future husbands or wives, the marriages they are ruining due to the so-called greediness? What happened to being patient and contended with what you have? The questions are endless.

If you think you know the answer to this myth of a question, I really would like to hear from you because I must say ‘I’m baffled’.

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  1. Chizy K , R u totally innocent ? Can u honestly say everytime a man has ever touched u , it was for love ???

  2. i tire o, when tym is now against them dey start running after the guys they dumped.

  3. I agree with you actually!! I pity their Future.. Cos they won't be able to get married that easy.



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