Tuesday, 26 March 2013

When Best Friends Become Strangers.

A while back, two girls met during their NYSC orientation camp and that was the beginning of their friendship. Being in a strange land together, they became close and people sometimes thought them to be sisters. They told each other everything, knew what the other was thinking without words being said. They cried together, laughed together, fought and made up. It was just so nice, all was merry and jolly for them.

This went on for about a month until one of the girls met a guy and they became a couple. Things began to take a down turn from then. They started spending so much time together, when there was any gist, it was the guy she told. All her issues were now directed to the guy. Gradually their awesome sister-like friendship began to change. Time went by and they found it difficult to talk to each other like before. Little things brought about arguments and by the end of the service year, they barely said more than two sentences to themselves all day.

Now, what really happened to their friendship? Who would you blame for the distance that grew between them? Is it the single friend? May be she was jealous that her friend now had some one in her life and she didn't or that she liked the guy and was sad he chose the other girl.

Or would you say it's the friend with the boyfriend? Are friends to just desert their friends because of a guy? Can a boyfriend truly take the position and trust of your best friend?

Or are they both to blame? If truly the friendship meant so much to the two of them, why did they let themselves grow apart.

We are all humans and no one is perfect. What do you think might have caused this issue and what advice can you give to the best friends-turned- strangers.

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