Thursday, 28 March 2013

What Level Of Unfaithfulness Can You Condone In Your Relationship?


According to some people cheating isn't only by kissing, touching or flirting. The moment you have messages on your phone that you delete just so your partner would not see them or something to hide, you're already on your way there. While some other people think it's basically by sleeping with other people.

If you find out that your fiance or fiancee had sexual intercourse with someone else would you forgive him/her? When can you say your partner is cheating? Is it when you find out that he kissed someone else or that he/she is getting too close to another person? And to what extent can your condone your partner's unfaithfulness?

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  1. To start with dats supposed to be "condone" and it doesn't matter if its d texts,kissing,or watsoeva.Its cheating all round


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