Wednesday 20 March 2013

WHAT!!! Kanye West Claims To Be God In Next Album, Wants To Name His Impending Child 'North'.


From his twisted lyrics to his video of 'Power'Kanye West is one who has mastered, and loves to revel in the art of controversy.

Reports from UK's The Sun, yesterday, stated that the Rapper has titled his next album 'I Am God'. I want to think he's just toying with the idea. But according to what a source told the UK newspaper:
"Kanye's ego is something else, so he's quite serious about the title. He also has a sense of humour though and knows how his self-indulgence is seen by the general public. It's half tongue-in-cheek, half what Kanye probably feels is true."
Meanwhile, Yeezy -maybe showing his sense of humour- wanting to name his soon-to-be-born baby with Kim Kardashian, 'North', saying it sounds good with his last name 'West'.

So, if Kanye thinks that his already-coined name for his impending baby sounds good with his surname, it means he is looking to have the baby share his last name against Kim K's wish.

What do you guys think about Kanye's next album title and his name for his impending child with Kim Kadarshian?

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  1. Am okay with it. He's a Rapper and he don't really mean what he's saying. And for the North stuff, Its a Cool name too. Nice family it will be.


  2. Austin [AYn OH]20 March 2013 at 20:16

    na onli 'north'? i think geographical wld hav made more sense. geographical west. Nice!

  3. Total madness.. Buh then again, i aint surprised.. Na kanye na.. Mtscheeeeeeeeew


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