Saturday, 30 March 2013

What Do You Think Of The Poster Of Nollywood Movie "Girls In The Mood"

I know this is my second post bashing Nollywood movies, but I promise you, I am not doing it on purpose. Sometimes you see certain things and can not help but comment about it. I understand that the competition in Nollywood must be crazy considering the number of movies that are produced on a daily basis. I also know that sex sells, but I really do not know how this poster will make me buy this movie.

Maybe my judgement is clouded because I am female. So over to the guys, will you watch "Girls in the mood"?

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  1. Who watches Nigerian movies talk more of this one.

    One day they will be naked all through maybe that will sell more'''mtchew

  2. Yes o, i will watch and if there is something after watch, i will do it.

  3. Yes I will watch it with a smile on my face.

  4. Lol I think it's d dumbest poster I have ever seen... Low life n not creative at all..


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