Thursday, 28 March 2013

Virgos Lounge's 2013 Collection.


With a lot of prints and bright colors, the new release by Virgo Lounge is set to pump our spirits up this raining season. Let go of the gloomy dark shades and embrace the beautiful pieces by Virgo Lounge. The collection takes a more cheerful/playful turn from other collections while maintaining it's well known sophistication.

I already know my favorite piece, which is yours?

03-virgos-lounge-ss-2013 02-virgos-lounge-ss-2013

0-virgos-lounge-ss-2013 004-virgos-lounge-ss-2013

003-virgos-lounge-ss-2013 0000-virgos-lounge-ss-2013

05-virgos-lounge-ss-2013 Caroline Dress

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