Wednesday 6 March 2013

Some African Inspired Home Decor To Try

Are you thinking of getting a place of your own or you are just tired of the same whole decorations/designs you have in your house. You can try out an African inspired decor! How to work this style is to pick out certain elements you like and focus on it with items that compliment it. You don't want to have too many elements that would turn your house into a jungle though. Some really cool decor you can try out are:

Prints. Using animal prints can be a very exquisite way to embrace the African style. Leopard prints, zebra e.t.c are some prints that are sure to give the room a buzz. You can team that up with colors that go with it. For example, the zebra print has white and black. You can use it for throw pillow designs on a black or white couch.

 Beads and ropes. Using beads and ropes on chairs, stools etc would also do the trick. Beads have been used right from time by Africans to decorate. You can incorporate this too.

Paintings. Paintings of African/village settings, forests with wild animals found mainly in Africa can easily transform the feel of a room to a more earthy one. You can hang them up on walls or actually have the paintings done on the wall itself. Other elements include carvings, figurines, using earthy colors etc.

 Below are some pictures of rooms designed using African inspired decor. Get inspired!


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