Friday 15 March 2013

See Nicki Minaj Without Make-Up On ELLE Magazine's April Issue Cover.

Nicki Minaj Elle Magazine April 2013 Cover 

Spirited Rapper Nicki Minaj lands cover of Elle Magazine's April issue. Looking almost unrecognizable: without her wig and her signature pink lipstick, Nicki  rocks a black pant and a zipped-down, black leather jacket, while her face bears a make-under. In the issue, she explained how weird it felt to go on camera make-up free:
"When I saw myself with barely any makeup art, it was such a ... like, I'm so, so attached to my pink lipstick, it's hard," she stated to Elle,

I feel that it's become a part of me. To go in front of the camera, without pink lips or big ol' crazy lashes -- you know, nothing -- I felt naked.
It was scary! So this photo shoot was a real accomplishment in my eyes"
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Nicki Minaj covers the April issue of ELLE magazine, on newsstands nationwide 3/26. She opens up to the magazine about facing childhood bullies, her advice for women in business, and her plans for world domination. A dramatic make-under for Nicki, the shots were done with minimal makeup and no over-the-top wigs. I think you¿ll agree- she really shines.  

Nicki Minaj

Surprisingly, Nicki looks chicky without her signature pink lipstick.

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  1. She is still a beauty

  2. I disagree; she is wearing make up

  3. She has eye liner on and a bronze lip stick......look at the last picture.

  4. She is still cute.. I dnt knw what you guys are saying o. But I can't see no make up there.



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