Saturday, 2 March 2013

Nigerian Award-Winning Model Otu-Ekong Ukpanah Reveals Some Bedroom Secret (Not For Kids).

Otu-Ekong Ukpanah is a Nigerian award-winning model who has landed magazine covers, and has featured in various local and international fashion shows. mHe has been a model for fourteen years and has bagged the Nigerian Model Of The Year award in 2008, and also, Nigeria's Most Outstanding Male Model award in 2011.
Check out some bedroom lectures he titles "P*ssy Eating 101"
Reader discretion advicedPussy Eating 101

1.   You must have gentle hands, you must rub the p*ssy, get her good and warmed up. Foreplay is must.

2.   When you get to the p*ssy, it would be wise to plan to spend a lot of time teasing around the clit. Suck on her inner thigh. Something that works for me, is: I lick very close to the clit and around it. She starts to moan and I tease a bit more with my tongue.

3.   You should think of it like this. You must kiss the clit, you must make love to the p*ssy with our mouth. You must have it very gentle. If you don't like eating the p*ssy, its best that you stay away from the p*ssy. Trying to eat just to get your foot in the door (D*ck in p*ssy) is a BIG NO NO!!!!!! Now, back to the lecture at hand:

4.   After licking around the clit for a good period of time, its time for kissing the clit, french kiss the clit. Don't be afraid, open your mouth and extend your tongue as far as it will go and lick from the entry of the pussy all the way to the hood of it.

5.   By now she is probably squirming, you can now place your hand under her ass and squeeze. Trust me, she will love it.

6.   Now, this one is tricky. As you are sucking on her clit. Keep the clit in your mouth and your tongue must start to move in a twirling motion. Kinda like if you work sweeping your tongue up and down her clit.

7.   Now you can take two fingers and insert them in her, cause now she should be fucking and grinding on our face. With your two fingers, massage her G-spot- you do this by motioning your fingers in a come here motion.

8.   While massaging the G-Spot, your tongue should still be sweeping across her clit. And her clit should start to swell in your mouth.

9.   Once her clit swells, whatever you do, don't stop. You are liable to be punched in the face if you do.

10.   At this point , she is about to explode. So with your tongue, keep sweeping up and down, like your tongue is bouncing up and down on her clit. Don't be afraid cause she will start to slow moan, and she may even squirt. If you have followed the above tips, you will have her juices oozing down your face if you aren't ready to suck her all up.

11.   Once, she starts to wind down. Do the alphabet with your tongue on her p*ssy. This is the deal, or if you have a signature move, here would be a good time to use it.

12.   Now you can f**k or do whatever is your flavour. What I like to do is f**k, and eat and f*ck and eat. When we are done, I will go and get us some water or gatorade and eat again.


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  1. Sounds like he's got the right technique on hw to please the p**ssy.melikey

  2. My dear Chizzy, I hope u .ar not turning your blogsite into a pornsite. Words travel fast, b4 u know it, ur site becomes forbidden! CAREFUL! When success comes, failure hides around d corner, trying to upturn it.

    1. Sharrap, did u see any nude pictures that she has been posting, this comes once in a while.

  3. @ dayo I tire oo, don't mind d ova sabi. Chizy rocks

  4. Are u a virgin?@ anon 17:24

  5. my husband needs to read this.

  6. Hahahahahaha...ppl enjoy it while it last.


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