Friday 15 March 2013

"Meeting And Even Taking A Photo With Uche Jombo Was Cool" Says Fan.

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Stunning Nollywood actress Uche Jombo-Rodriguez and a fan. The above fan was extremely happy that he was able to take a picture with the sexy diva but at the same time feels that some people would be jealous of his encounter with her. Funny right?

"I know haters will hate, but meeting and even taking a photo with Uche Jombo was cool......" says the fan

 How would you feel when you meet your favorite entertainer and if you have, what was it like for you?

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  1. Trust me, when it comes to Uche Jombo, she is one hell of a "down to earth" celebrity. I remember when I was working at a bank back in Nigeria. She walked into the office I was. She actually came to pick up her ATM card. And of course, everyone in the room wanted to have a picture with her. I chose to become the photographer knowing that I forgot to have a clean shave that morning (feeling unkempt)! I couldn't imagine taking the picture with a celebrity like that! After taking turns round with everyone, she insisted that she would love to take the pix with me that way! I was thrilled! And I was humbled too! I still keep the pix till today o! I actually ended up fine sha in the pix while she was tucked in my embrace . And it was then I knew how tall I was too sha! *wink

    Trust me, Uche is a correct celebrity jare!


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