Monday 18 March 2013

Make Up Application Tips: Dos And Don'ts

When the topic of make up comes up, most people believe they are gurus in it. But yet you still see a lot of scary faces due to wrong make up applications. Perfect make up is not about how colorful your face can be but how it enhances your natural beauty, be it day make up or night make up.

Yes for those who don't know, the amount of make up used during the day is lesser than what you use in the night. Now you know. 

Ever heard of a primer? It's basically a barrier between your skin and foundation to create a more even surface. It also helps to keep oil at bay, especially in this weather we are in. The face can get oily pretty quick, a primer helps to prevent that. It comes in different types for different skin tones and skin types. It is to be applied after you have moisturized and before your make up. Primers help make up last longer.

In other for us to get this right, here are some dos and don'ts about make up application.

  •  play up your best features. If you have really nice eyes, then let your make up center around it. So goes for your lips or cheekbones e.t.c.
  • when applying your make up, start out by applying light brushes until you get to your desired shade. This way you won't over do it.
  • blend everything together. You should not have stripes of colors demarcating your face, let everything blend together to give you a flawless finish. 
  • keep your brushes and foam heads clean always. This would help keep germs.
  • You are allowed to try new make up techniques every now and then, but make sure you go for what works with your face.


  • Over do your make up. Let's not push the clowns out of business.
  • let your make up be heavy everywhere: heavy eye shadow  too much lipstick, too much blush, very dark eyebrow.... hmmm hmmm.
  • try and cover skin problems with make up all the time. Get it treated.
  • leave make up on for too long i.e sleeping with it. Clean it off so your skin pores can breathe.
  • go for foundation and powder shades that don't match your skin tone. You would just end up looking silly. Ask for what goes with your skin tone.
Now you can get that flawless look you have always wanted.

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