Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lynxxx Says "Because Someone's Father Is Rich Doesn't Mean Anything To Me"

Do you know that Lynxxx is the first Nigerian to become Pepsi's ambassador? This talented handsome young man who sends the heart of ladies racing, dishes out on his life as regards stardom.  He said he penetrated the music industry with no help, a brand new artiste, brand new record label. He also shared the secret behind his style and good looks.

Lynxxx speaks about style and good looks?
"I'm somebody who pays attention to details, and I take my time when I'm doing something: weather it is music making, staging a performance or planning what I will wear. I take time to carefully access my appearance and everything that has to do with Lynxxx. I always go for a clean cut wear suits. I have designers that I work with; Toju Foyeh and Mai Atafo."
Has your background affected you in anyway?
"No, because life is all about what you let affect you. I come from a privileged back ground, so what?  That has nothing to do with it. My father never said 'come and take 10 million and go and do music'. Everything I did till this date, I hustled for. I penetrated the industry myself with no help, a brand new artiste, brand new record label. So basically, I don't think background has anything to do with it because it only creates a stigma in people's mind. Wherever you come from, talent is talent music is music. The likes of myself Naeto C, Davido- we all come from similar backgrounds. What does that change? We all have the same struggles; we struggle for money to shoot videos, to promote ourselves; we all still sleep in the studio making music. So because someone's father is rich doesn't mean anything to me; it doesn't mean they are going to book you for shows, it doesn't mean that your song will be hits. So what exactly is the advantage? It doesn't affect me; I do What I have To do. I am going to make music regardless of my background."

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  1. Nice one dude...

    Yo class is 10/10...yea I said it.

  2. you make sense bro keep it up.

  3. i just want to lick his face.


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