Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Know Your Watches.


Watches have gone beyond just pieces to know the time to fashion statements worn by many. They come in different designs and looks from leather to metal to gems e.t.c. We even have smart watches being made now. But do you know what suits you? Do you wear just any type of watch just for the sake of wearing one. Are you wearing the right watch for the right occasions.  What is your watch style? Watches are a perfect blend of style and function. You need to know what suits you in other for you to rock this fashion piece well.

Before buying a watch, there are some questions you need to ask yourself like "where am i wearing it to" "is it going to be an all purpose watch" "how much am i willing to spend on it". If your buying a watch to serve as an all purpose watch, its best to purchase a quality dark colored watch. Watches come in various looks like skinny bands, wrap bands, sporty looks, futuristic e.t.c.

Analog/Digital Watches.
You can purchase either an analog watch or a digital watch. Watches also come with both types in one. Analog watches are considered to be a more formal/ classic watch type while digital watches are considered to be more casual.

Battery/ Mechanical or Quartz Watches.
Unlike digital watches, these types are powered by complex gears and strings. This tends to be more ancient than the digital watches. You can purchase this piece if you want to stand out from the crowd.

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