Tuesday 19 March 2013

Jokes Of The Day

1. Pastor: "Why do you sit in a corner when the other church workers are busy?.." Akpos: "I'm busy too Sir, I'm working in the Spirit."

2. Ochuko: "What does 'Pakurumo' mean?".. Akpos: "Anybody that Packs Rumours and spread it."

3. Teacher: "Construct a Sentence using Beans.." Akpos: 'We are all Human Beans'.

4. Ochuko: "Is it true that Nigerians answer questions with questions?".. Akpos: "Who told you that ?"

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  1. Park Rumor and Spread it? Lmao nice one


  2. Yesteday I didn't laugh. But 1.30am u made me laugh. Reading your joke sectn.u too much d top is where u belong.keep it up


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