Monday, 18 March 2013

Jokes Of The Day

1. I heard that Banky wore Wizkid's cap and expanded it.....​that was what caused the rift between them. Lol

2. Yoruba people urinate in 'swimming pools; Hausa people spit in pools; Igbo people drink the water.

3. I just asked Mr Ibu for his twitter handle and he said 'I can't find it.'

4. So I met this Igbo girl & wanted to marry her......until her parent gave me 'the list'. It looked like a JSS3 Agricultural science textbook.

5. Dear Ladies, if the stretch mark on you is more than the lines in 2B exercise book, raise your hands unto the Lord & say "Lord Take control"

6. Ladies, It's 2013, any man in "shiny armour" at this time is a mad man.

7. At 23, your boobs have already observed eternal rest & Full time sleeping mode. Yet you are forming "hard to get". Auntie, even the devil is weeping for you.

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  1. Ewoooooooooo. Lwkmdie ooooo number 7 hahahahahahahahaha



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