Tuesday 5 March 2013

Jaden Smith And Kylie Jenner 'Kardashian' On A Date With Will Smith As Chaperone?

14-years old Jaden Smith and 15-years old Kylie Jenner, (one of the half-sisters to the famous Kardashian sisters) went for dinner at Nobu Berkley in London and then walked around the streets in the morning. I read that Kylie Jenner has enrolled in 'Pimp Mama Kris's School of Fame' and walking around with Jaden Smith is part of her finals.

According to addydanamo "PMK is going to give her an F, because she didn't start a teen wedding rumor by wearing a ring on her hitching finger and she didn't start a teen pregnancy rumor by clutching her stomach like she's knocked up. Fame whore fail."

The part of the gist that i'm curious about is how Will Smith was with them throughout their dinner date and after. It seems like he is  okay with his son being on the 'fame whore train'! or is he not?

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