Monday, 11 March 2013

Iyanya And Producer D'Tunes Fallout.


What could have prompted the split of hit-making producer D'tunes from Iyanya and the entite Triple MG? I mean, both music minds have a strong synergy which I'm sure they already know.

D'tunes who by his ingenuity in music production brought Iyanya back into the spotlight, with hit songs: Kukere, Your Waist and Flavour, has fallen out from the pact he once shared with his former team and has set up his own record label -"Difference Records"- which is seeing to the promotion of his new artiste Sean Tizzle in two news singles 'Boogie Down' and 'Sho Lee'.

I hear its money issue (like it always is), I'm not sure though.

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  1. Doyin Popularly known as D' Tunes is my niece's friend and secondary school mate. He dropped out from Goodwill College in Ikorodu to pursue his career at the age 16 or 17.He started from a room at the boys' quarter of his father's house in Ikorodu and his father made him pay a token as rent at the end of the month.The likes of ruggedman, face etc come to Ikorodu to see Doyin. As at the time of posting this comment, face is still owing him. Funny enough, how much do they pay him per ? 20 to 30k.

    When Doyin startd making money, he decided to move ut of Ikorodu and that was when he met Iyanya. Iyanya offered Doyin a room in his house.

    Doyin later found out that all the beat he made for Iyanya, iyanya never paid him kobo and after sometime, he decided to ask for his money and Iyanya replied by asking him if he gave him an offer of payment when he offered him a room in his house. Iyanya never paid for Kukere, your waist or flavour. Infact all other beat he produced for iyanya spending sleepless night, Iyanya never paid a dime.

    Doyin was really angry with iyanya but being a quiet boy, he decided to handle it in a mature way. Doyin later gathered some money and moved out of Iyanya's house to his own apartment at Lekki.

    Doyin is a bundle of talent and l believe so much in him.With God on his side, he would make it bigger.

  2. Iyanya and others are cheats. Just cos they know D'Tunes is reserved. Don't worry boy, the Lord will fight for you and help you get your money from ALL of them.stupid people

  3. This is Super Story **Whistling****



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