Thursday, 21 March 2013

Home:Blending Your Old And New Designs

Have you been living in the same house for decades now? If so, your house would have a lot of old designs and antiques in it. It might equally lack some of the convenience that modern designs bring.

The use of old designs and ornaments give a room an antique feel. Likewise, using modern/contemporary designs gives a house a clean look that is clutter and stress free. A lot of people appreciate the convenience of the new and the antique of the old. So what do you do? Try blending both designs. This is possible and it would give your house a more stylish and elegant look.

Architects and interior decorators have started merging the designs of old with the technology of today. A lot of houses built today have the feel of old designs on the outside but incorporate contemporary elements inside. Houses that have a blend of both designs make use of high quality finishes, especially in their appliances and light fixtures. You can also change the color and material of your furniture to a more modern one. You can try separating sets of furniture like your dinning table and chair by replacing the chairs with those of modern designs.

For modern homes, you can add a touch of antique that would blend with the rest of your designs like old quilts, glass vases, silver e.t.c. Antique center pieces or chandeliers would add a touch of old designs to your space.



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