Wednesday 6 March 2013

Fun Ways To Lose Weight


A lot of women here in Nigeria have become more conscious about their weights. They keep complaining about their ever increasing waist line due to childbirth, eating habits and the likes. Some are so busy that creating time to work-out is just impossible. Here are some fun ways to lose weight while working or in your free time:

Eat vegetables that can serve as purgatives. eg tete, efirin, garden egg etc. The trick behind this is that they help get rid of impurities in the body. A good purging would definitely leave you feeling lighter.

Drink a lot of water. This serves the same purpose to cleanse the body.

Try munching on fruits instead of fatty snacks in between meals when you are craving food. Starving yourself doesn't help. If anything it comes with adverse effects like ulcer, trust me you don't want that. Fruits like apples, carrots would give you that same feel you get from fatty snacks.

Bum exercises. Yes! you read right, bum exercises LOL. try clenching your ass muscles and then release, repeat. Do this while standing. You can do about 20 in a set, stop and then continue. This would help keep your bum firm as you lose weight. You can try it for your tummy too.

Get moving. You think strolling is a waste of time? no its not. Try taking long walks as often as you can. Places you would normally drive to that's not so far, walk them instead, Use the stairs instead of elevators, dancing whenever you can would help your body use up the excess fat it has stored.

If you can and have access to a pool, you can try swimming. Its a stress-less way to lose weight. You use all the muscles while doing it, you don't get to sweat and its fun!

Rumor has it that a person who has sex regularly would definitely use up energy. Who knows! its fun all the same. But hey, lets remember to stay safe alright.

Do you have something you do that works for you? feel free to share it with us, we would love to hear about it

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  1. Chizzy....couldnt stop smirking at the paragraph that says 'Bum exercises'. Naughty me ! Lol


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