Wednesday, 20 March 2013

From A Figure 1 To A Figure 8; A Curvier You


A lot of attention has been given to fuller ladies on how to look slimmer but very little to the slim ladies out there that want to enhance their curves. Well girls, here are some tips on how to get a more curvy appearance.

Wear belts. Buy cute wide belts that would help pinch your waist in. Make sure you wear them on your waist not your hips with a dress/skirt. This is sure to give you an instant hour glass figure.

Wear chick A-line skirts. A-line skirts don't make your hips look skinny the way straight skirts do. Outfits with ruffles, bows, pleats, shift dresses, boot cut jeans, peplum tops e.t.c. all give a slender frame the illusion of being fuller.

Do not wear baggy clothes as this would just make you look lost in them. Don't opt for skinny clothes either. Get outfits that cinch around the waist and just below your bust that are your perfect fit.

Make use of well padded bras. This would make you look fuller up.

Get jeans/trousers that have pocket. Pockets add up to a person's waist. Pockets, buttons or any other form of design around the hips.

Wear patterned outfits, especially horizontal patterns. Also make use of scarfs.

Wear bright colors. Bright colors tend to make you look fuller by highlighting the parts they are on. Color blocking would be nice on you, but make sure you get it right.

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