Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fashion: Steal That Look!!!


Who says it's only the celebrities that can rock the best fashion styles. Well you can. Even more, you can copy a style you saw on the run way or magazines for much less. Here are some ways to rock that runway look.

Get similar items like what you saw on the model or if you have it then good. Think well about your wardrobe and all the pieces you have. This might be a good time to clean out your wardrobe. Now that you know what you have, you can go ahead and pair them in a similar pattern. Here are some ideas.

Statement neck pieces and a simple dress. No matter how plain a gown looks, once you pair it with statement accessories you are going to change the outlook completely. Styling your hair up works best for this look.

Your pieces.

The lady's man look. (LOL) Alright i know that is not the term but really, that's the vibe that comes with this next collection. Notice how they have the top buttons opened?

Your pieces.

Ankara combinations. You can now combine ankara and english attires together. You can also combine different patterns of ankara that compliment each other.

Your pieces.

Now you are a celeb yourself! Enjoy.

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