Thursday 14 March 2013

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Morachi Makes A Come Back...

Richmarvin Chieme Akuba, popularly known as Morachi is back and took time out of his very busy schedule to chat with Chizy's Spyware. He speaks about his career, family, love life and more. Enjoy.

Who is Morachi?
"Morachi is a song writer, record label C.E.O, entertainer and super body model."

What's your history so far in the music industry?
"I only have an album to my credit, but loads of singles out there. I'm currently working on my second album and just released a brand new video for my new single titled 'Onye Oma'"

A lot of fans think you have been low key. Is this true, and if yes why so?
"Not really low key, music is not my only passion and my only career. I have other things that also have my interest like endorsing men's briefs for foreign companies overseas, and other businesses. I have been in the game, but not having my whole head in a basket."

We heard you lost a family member,how has moving on been?
"It wasn't easy losing my only sister, but hey! I stay real, i do miss her and she is gone for good and that's the painful fact and truth and i'v come to accept that."

We can't get enough of your sexiness, what is your fashion style and how do you manage to stay so fit?
"My fashion style is 'sexy' I dress to look sexy. I have the fitness in me, i was born for this i think."

We are curious about your love life, is there any serious person or can girls keep hoping?
"Well yeah, there is someone serious and we are working it out and seeing how it goes."

Lastly, what should we expect from you in 2013?
"2013 is more videos and more songs and more appearances and more of me on the news to start with."

Well people, there you have it. So keep your ears opened for more of Morachi as he does his thing. In the mean time, let's enjoy his latest video 'Onye Oma'

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