Thursday, 21 March 2013

DIY Tips For Your Everyday Style.


There are some basic things we all need to know in other to get things going. It's not every time something little goes wrong that you run to a professional for repair or you throw it away for a new one. Here are some basic things you should know.

How to knot a tie. For every one in the corporate world, how to knot a tie is a must know; even if you are a woman. There are so many methods to get this done, the more the twist and turns, the thicker the knot is. But the end result is the same, a knotted tie. Here is a diagrammatic explanation.

How to use a safety pin to hold your shirt without it showing. There are times when your button pops out or the hem of your skirt or trouser loosens. Well a safety pin can be you knight in shining armor. For your shirts,  open the button below where you lost a button, use one hand to hold the shirt in place the way you want it to be then pass the sharp end of the pin from under (still holding it in place). Note that the edge of the shirt where the buttons are sewn are always doubled, so let the pin just hold the inner material so it won't show outside. re-do the lower one and you are good to go. You should always carry safety pins for emergencies.

Bedazzle your clothes with studs, beads e.t.c. Add studs and beads to your clothes to give it a more funky feel. There are some studs that allow you place them over buttons; but if you cant get those, you can make use of threads an glue. place the studs/beads over desired areas in a way that they would stay. If you can use thread without it showing, get a matching color and sew them in place. If that is not possible, you can then use glue( note that with glue the studs are more likely to fall off after a while). 


Riri-inspired pearl glasses. Rihanna wore a vintage Chanel pearl glasses for one of her performances and she looked funky. If you want something like that and can't afford the original, here is what you would need. Your sun glasses, flat-back pearls and glue. Simply apply the glue on the flat end of the pearls then press against the edges of your glasses. 


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