Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cossy "I Derive Joy In Watching How The Players’ ‘Thing’ Dangle In Their Shorts"

Controversial Nigerian actress and singer Cossy Orjiakor tells us what she sees while watching football and  read her response when asked who is her favorite Nigerian footballer?

"(smiles) I don’t want to mention names. Whenever I am watching a football match, instead of enjoying the game, I derive joy in watching how the players’ ‘thing’ dangle in their shorts and their muscles too. It’s romantic indeed. It trips me and you know what it means and the consequence…" says Cossy

Ladies let's be sincere with ourselves, why do you really watch football?

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  1. Sex is neva far from dis (dunno what to call her)'s mind, dat's all I have to say

  2. I truly hav nw concluded dat its a #FACT dat all dis woman wnts is attention..... Bin watchin football al my life nd i can boastfully tell u dat i abt a hundred matches u wil only see tins dangling in mayb 3 to 4 matches..... For christ sake dose guys wear tights inside dia shorts.... Makin up crazy story jst for attention.... I pity u... U'r jst gonna end up a lonely woman latr.. Continue

  3. You could just call her what she is which is downright ratchet!!! Urggh she creeps me out.


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