Tuesday, 26 March 2013

"Beyonce Saved Me" Says JayZ

A list American rapper JayZ recently paid an extremely touching tribute to his super hot wife Beyonce on Instagram. The tribute is so touching that I couldn't ignore it, i just have to share it with you guys. Read it below
"The way she has changed my life... If I didn't have her...? Where would I be? Who would I be? Sometimes I wonder if I would still be Jay-Z. It's so surreal. First time I laid eyes on her she was 16. I had thought in my head "she will be mine", became my best friend... 20 years old, it was time... before you knew it she made me swallow my pride and my own words bit me in the a**... "Forever mackin' - 8 years later, married, one kid. She saved me" says JayZ

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  1. Why are these couples decieving themselves? First beyonce was furious because people already knows she did not carry her so called baby in her womb, somebody else did it for her(surrogate mother). Then out of frustration she released a controversial song titled "Bow down bitches" dissing her husband Jay Z. Now Jay Z, sensing beyonce might exposed their demonic arrangement is coming out with this senseless tribute to calm her down. Fuck this demonic couples! This is what you get when you sell your soul to the devil.

  2. Hahahah, oliver calm down.

    They sold their soul this they sold their soul that,you are never certain of that.

    I just love Jay's Muzik that's all


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