Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Actor Joseph Benjamin Goes Into Music, Says "My Music Is Me"

Handsome Nollywood actor Joseph  Benjamin has joined the list of actors turned singers. The actor said he has always been passionate about music, he's very good at it and it's not just going to be a one time adventure for him.

Have you ever thought of doing music?
"Yes I have as a matter of fact, I am working on it. For those who basically do not know, I have a strong passion for music, and it's not just something that I want to give a try, I understand it well.  But in a bit not to sound cliche or join the pack, you will basically have to do it very well, because what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well. Take your time and make sure what you are churning out is quality, so yes music is the offing". 
Baring in mind that several actors and actresses have not been overly successful in music,what would stand you out?
"My music is not an experiment, my music is me. When you listen to the lyrics to my music, you'll have a deep connection to who Joseph Benjamin really is, so there's no way you wouldn't want to listen to it' because the lyric will positively affect you. So, I belong to the pack that does esoteric music.
Guys be ready to been blown away with Joseph's song, who knows maybe he's going to be the new Wizkid.

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