Saturday, 30 March 2013

A 21st Century Woman's Opinion: How Early Or Late Should Marriage Come For A Career Woman

Happy Easter Celebration to You all. Today I have the tale of another woman who seems to be in a fix concerning marriage and her career.

This lady has everything going good for her, she finished her formal education at the age of 21 and has been working her way to the top ever since. She has been working for about five years now and she can say things are looking bright for her in regards to promotions and all. She has been eyeing a particular position in the company for a long time now and it seems like men are the only ones they elect for it. Her parents have been asking her about the man in her life and when she would bring him in for a formal introduction.

She knows she is not getting any younger but won't all this be an hindrance to what she wants to achieve? She has been taking care of her younger once and now she has saved up enough for her masters abroad. How can she balance all this and marriage. She barely has time for dating with the pressure her work gives her.

Dear readers, what would you advice this lady to do. Is it still a must for an African lady to get married by the age of 23/24. What can they say they have achieved by then. Do women still want to be fully dependent on  men for every financial standing in the house. Should a woman give up her dreams and aspiration in other to build a home now. Can't she wait till she has established herself then settle down. After all, love is patient and understanding.

Kindly advice this young woman as to what to do. Is she being silly for even thinking about this?

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  1. You can't eat ur cake and have it. She wld probably not get a man dt wld love her for her but for her money! Yolo


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