Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Hot and sexy Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has dropped some wise words and she sincerely nailed it She speaks about how you stay up late on the phone, even when you are extremely tired you still go on ahead to please that special someone in your life. In case you don't know, the beautiful star has featured in over 100 movies and she is a really good actress.

"Having someone to talk to every night is actually kind of nice. Staying up late talking about pointless things in life and laughing about the most random things. Struggling to stay up late but not letting them know how tired you are just to stay on the phone with them, until eventually one of you falls asleep. Just the feeling of having company and having someone to share your late night thoughts with. These conversations are the most unforgettable" Says Mercy.

She is clearly enjoying married life.

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