Friday, 8 February 2013

Why Do Yoruba People Have Low Facebook Name Self Esteem?

"Why Do Yoruba People Have Low Facebook Name Self Esteem?" Ex Oyo State Governor's Daughter, Omololu Olunloyo Asks. You may remember her from the post I put up not too long ago where she spoke about why she is proudly unmarried at the age of 48. If you missed it click HERE to read it.

She has created a lot of buzz again because of her write up which you'll find below, and the Yorubas are yet to stop cursing her and calling her all sorts of names. She wrote;
Nigerians really irritate me on Facebook when they alter their names into these eyesore names. As a member of the Community standards team at Facebook, u are not allowed a fake name. Many Nigerians in the Yoruba tribe where I am from, disgustingly alter the spellings of their names to horrible proportions. These beautiful African names are defaced due to lack of self esteem. I reported 10 last week on FB and they were told to produce ID before their pages could be re-opened. They got mad at me. I clearly warned them beforehand. Even ppl with other fake nicknames need to be reported if you see them without a real name. I don't see this trend in other tribes in Nigeria. #SMH

My full name is Olukemi Omololu-OlunloyoSpelled like a eyesore is Holukehmi Hormololoo-Howloonlawyour

Its the Facebook Community Standards rule.I am a SnitchFollow me @Snitchlady on Twitter 

I still can't believe she really had the time to report Facebook users. She is one tough lady I tell you and she goes for exactly what she wants. She is also famous for saying;
“Biafra is dead! Rot in Hell Ojukwu for killing those children.”
She really does say it as she sees it.

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  1. she has a good point. The oyinbo we r copying will never alter the spelling of their names.

  2. I think I agree with her , to alter ones name is really nt somethng one should do , be proud of were u come frm . On the other hand she is seems to be naïve little child , with her age I think she should knw what to say abt people ,ojukwu fought for equity , agaist the pogrom perperated agaist his kinsmen , it was a necassary move. Hard decision that he has to make, he made the right one ojukwu will for ever remain a hero in ma eyes nd the entire world . He stood up for his people

  3. What is her biz???? Is she Mark Zuckerberg's assistant or the class prefect for Facebook? Mmtteesscchhhww.....she should take several seats jare


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