Friday, 15 February 2013

Why Ay Fluants His Wife


Ayo Richard Makun popularly called AY is a multi-talented, high award winning Standup comedian and one of the A list successful comic Nigerian Acts. AY unveils the reason behind the presence of his wife at most of his outings and the most expensive gift he has ever gotten from her.

You are one of the very few entertainers who find delight in flaunting their wives at public gatherings. Is it deliberate and what is the rationale behind it?

"I really don’t know if flaunting is the right word to use, but if you are talking about me taking or carrying my wife along in all that I do, I will say it is an acknowledgement of the fact that the two of us have become one.  Apart from being logical, it is always good to take your wife out and keep the matrimonial flame alive. So anytime you see my wife and I at any event, just know that I am dating her all over again" 
 You are known to spoil your wife with expensive gifts, how often does she reciprocate?
"Yes I buy my wife expensive gifts and she does same too in her own capacity, the most expensive gift I’ve gotten from her was a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes she got for me last year as an anniversary gift".

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  1. Any strange woman that wants to put this marriage asunder would die prematurely...


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