Saturday, 16 February 2013

PHOTOS: K-solo Spends Valentine's Day With Orphans At Little Saint Home

Last year was a great struggle for the once loved music producer/ singer  Ksolo as a result of allegations which suggested that he beat his recently married wife to bleeding point. He denied the allegation but the situation didn't get better when his enstraged wife put to bed and his management released a statement part of which read;
"The baby deliverer has a name and not to be tagged as K-solo's wife
This was construed to mean he denied the baby but not longer he cleared the air with another press release which seemed to cause more harm than good. It seems clear that K solo has got the message and has since related with the media through images rather than press release. First he releases photos to prove the marriage has been dissolved legally, then he released his first solo album with a single in it titled confessions. To follow up he chose to spend valentines day with with orphans at Little Saint Home. That's definitely the best way to start a new year, can the controversial singer/ producer keep up a controversy free life for the rest of this year? Can't wait to find out.

Click READ MORE for more photos. To listen to Confession click HERE and the album HERE

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  1. Well he did good but what about his own baby he refused to acknowledge?y'all need to take it easy with the singer/ producer thing.Na singer/producer ride be that?lol


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