Friday, 8 February 2013

Leonardo Dicaprio And Jonah Hill Hang Out With Topless Swimmer In Shameless Sea Adventure.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and a topless swimmer

Titanic star Leonardo Dicaprio and his Hollywood buddy Jonah Hill were taking a break from the shoot of their new movie The Wolf On Wall Street when they sighted a topless girl bathing in the sea.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Miami

Leonardo who at first plodded through the beating waters in a drenched shirt to meet with the topless bather moved to poke the girl's busty breast, while Jonah -who'd also made his way into the sea- looked enthralled by the fleshy sight.

A little synopsis on The Wolf On Wall Street:

The movie is about a stockbroker who declines to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street. The movie is directed by Martin Scorsese, with Leo and Jonah starring alongside Matthew McConaughey, Jon Favreau and, bizarrely, Joanna Lumley.

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  1. Leonardo my fave actor, any day.


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