Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kanye West Avoiding Kim K, About To Dump Her?

One thing is for sure: A man some times needs space from his woman to work on some really important things, then comes back to her when he has attained all he'd set out for. For some men though, it is another gradual way of calling it a quit with their women. The latter seems to be Kanye's new direction- distancing himself from his pregnant lover Kim K.

Celebrity site, was reported to have received a BLOCKBUSTER report from a person with CLOSE TIES to rapper Kanye West. Apparently 'Yeezy is trying to DISTANCE HIMSELF from his newly pregnant baby's mother Kim Kardashian.

The insider who asked for anonymity tells us that Kanye has been AVOIDING his baby's mom – and doing his best NOT to spend time with her. The insider explained, "Kanye was coming to Abu Dhabi for a concert and Kim wanted to come with him cause she loves that place. 'Ye didn't allow her because he said it was dangerous for her to travel while pregnant.

But the real reason is that his closest friends (Hov included) keep telling him to show up less with Kim, because she's always a bad look for his image."

And now Kanye is making an UNPRECEDENTED move. We're told that Kanye plans on MOVING TO PARIS for the next two months (at least) until he finishes his new album. Kim, we're told, is being asked to stay in the United States and give him space while he works and sorts things out.

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  1. Ofcos evry guy needs space dahs wah gurls need 2 understand

  2. it's a gradual process,time will tell

  3. NNABUIKE says...........:e has dropped as richest..he should just find a way to balance marriage wif work

  4. If u know Kim u would she's a hopeless romatic.she would love 2 follow him every where especially now that she's pregnant.he's a rapper n she's a reality star they both have an entirely different set of fans.he needs d break 4RM all her crazy paparazzis too...

  5. As the divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries makes its way to a courtroom, dirty allegations of Kim’s cheating ways with Kanye West continue to make headlines.
    By: Amanda Anderson-Niles
    Did Kim Kardashian cheat with Kanye? It’s obvious Kim Kardashian and Kanye West cheat in most of their serious relationships. Kim Kardashian is probably going to regret her marriage to Kris Humphries even more once she hears about those little nasty tidbits Kris Humphries’ camp keeps sending to the media that confirms what most already knew. The reality television star may have made millions for her completely obvious sham of a marriage that lasted a disappointing 72 days, but she is paying for all that ratchetness now that her image and staying power in the land of celebrity is on the decline. But Kim has been struggling with monogamy way before marriage, as reports even state that Kim Kardashian cheated on Reggie Bush with Kanye. That was confirmed by Kanye’s ex Amber Rose this year.
    And while Kim may have cheated on Reggie and Kris for Kanye, don’t buy the hype that she wouldn’t do the same thing to Kanye. As we recently reported here, Kim was already two steps away from cheating on Kanye in April, the same month she and Kanye went public with their relationship.
    But can anyone really be surprised that Kim Kardashian is a serial cheater? Her mother is Kris Jenner, and everyone knows that the apple doesn’t fall toofar from the tree.


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