Saturday, 9 February 2013

Jokes Of The Day

1. Condoms don't guarantee safe sex anymore. An Adulterer was wearing Gold Circle ConDom when he got shot by the woman's husband.

2. AKPOS: Tell me an Interesting Fact that ll make me Happy & Sad at the same time.. EKAETTE: Your D*CK is Bigger than All Your friends.

3. Akpos waits in line to see a Doctor. Finally its his turn*.. AKPOS: Doctor, I have a problem, people ignore me... DOCTOR: Next!.

4. U read 7Days for 1 exam, U con go exam hall; U remember evrythin u read buh didnt remembr 2 write ur Name n Matric No.

5. Ur Mum Sells Palm-Oil & Ur Dad Sells Cooking-Gas; U Turn-Around Saying Dat Ur Parents are into 'Oil & Gas'.

6. U just finish having sex with an ASHAWO wey get HIV,u con write *OLUWA IS INVOLVED* my broda, Ʊ got it wrong, it should be *ESU IS INVOLVED*.

7. U cant u have a head like GERVINHO's, lips like JOSEPH YOBO, eyes like SEGUN ARINZE,ear like MERLIN and still claim to be SEXY!

8. How many Pastors in Nigeria were truly called? Some flashed Him...some others sent 'Call me Back' to God.

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  1. Chizy pls don kiLl me Oº°˚ lolz

  2. *Yawns* n goes back 2 slp


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