Friday, 8 February 2013

Jokes Of The Day

1. AKPOS; Switheart, let's play Hide & Seek.. EKAETTE; Noooooo, the last time we did, I didn't find u till February 15

2. U meet ur Bobo dey soak garri,U drop ur bag,run to get ur own spoon...*shoutin "if u finish dat garri,I go vex 4 u"...dat's true LOVE!

3. Most of Nigeria issues starts with P? Problems President, Politicians, Pastors, Police, People, Power outages, Petroleum, Patience, PDP

4. If 80k brazilian hair couldn't get you a good husband, why not use it to pay a counselor to talk good sense into your life

5. EKAETTE: Before we Marry u dey give me Gifts, Wetin happen now?.. AKPOS: Fishermen still dey give Worm to Fish wey e don catch ?

6. AKPOS: Whats the biggest thing u can do for our Love?.. EKAETTE: I would die for u, wat about u?.. AKPOS: I ll cry when you Die

7. MAMA: Shuo, why u dey rub my Powder & Lipstick for your Chest?.. AKPOS: my Teacher say i must MAKE UP my Mind today

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  1. laffº°˚ ˚°º≈wanº°˚ ˚°º≈tearº°˚ ˚°º≈myº°˚ ˚°º≈belleº°˚ ˚°º≈. Akpos wl nt kill me Oº°˚

  2. This is really a good innovation from you, my dear. I actually look forward to this section of the blog everyday. Thanks for introducing the jokes. And please don't stop o! Please!!*wink*

  3. Akpos don craze finish oooo...lmao

  4. Why be say na only Akpors, d guy don suffer oo


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