Thursday, 7 February 2013

Jokes Of The Day

1. Police arrested Akpos for tampering wit the ATM*.. OCHUKO: Wetin u do?.. AKPOS: The Machine say make I enter the PIN & I put a safety pin

2. AKPOS: Papa when I go HEAVEN, I go ask Mama why she Died so Soon.. PAPA: What if she dey HELL?.. AKPOS: Na u go ask her be that.

3. Day to VAL..GF: Baby, the new BB is out..AKPOS: All BB's always Hang.. GF: Tis one doesn't Hang.. AKPOS: So I'm a Liar?, Its over btw us.

4.TEACHER: why can't a Bicycle stand on it's on without leaning?.. AKPOS: Because it's 'Two-Tired'.

5. If AKPOS wins a Trophy, It is called Apostrophe.

6. TEACHER: Name 1 Similarity between a Dinosaur & a Decent girl?... AKPOS: Both don't Exist.

7. Akpos entered a Time Machine. Guess 'when' he landed....1912, inside the Titanic...just before it hit the iceberg.

8. OCHUKO: Bros, why u wan Divorce your Wife na.. AKPOS: She too dey Smile for Sleep, e be like She don get another Husband for her DREAMS.

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