Saturday, 23 February 2013

Jokes Of The Day

1. Akpos and his newly wedded wife decided to spend honeymoon at their one room apartment. The first night, as they wanted to have sex, Ofego an armed robber, broke into the room with a gun in his hand. He ordered Akpos to move away from his wife. Akpos obeyed. Ofego gave Akpos his gun to hold for him and quickly jumped on to Akpos' Wife wanting to sleep with her. As he was about to, Akpos pointed the gun at him and said; you think you are smart, when I'm the only one that paid her bride price and other things you now want to be the  first to test my wife, come on move away from my wife before I kill you. Ofego then smiled and said; I know you would want to kill me and that was why I didn't not put any bullet in the gun.

2. Akpos had an accident and was crying; Oh my God!. I have lost my hand. Ofego approached him and said; control yourself! Don't cry. Look at that Man there, he has lost his head, is he crying?.

3. Ofego: What is the name of your car?. Akpos: I have forgotten the name but it starts with "T".
Ofego: What a strange car that starts with Tea. All d cars that I know starts with fuel. 

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