Monday, 11 February 2013

Jokes Of The Day

1. Abortion Doesn't Make You UN-PREGNANT, It Makes You A "DEAD BABY'S" MUM!

2. An Army General was asked: "Can u forgive a terrorist?" He replied: "God forgives. Our task is to arrange their meeting"

3. What's the Similarity between FACEBOOK & JAIL - In both cases, People Sit, Waste Time & Write on Walls.

4. The Shortest Relationship in Life is between students & books.. They Hook Up few days before the Exam & Break Up right after the Exam.

5. By Nov 2013! Mosquitoes in Nigeria will have more blood to donate than human beings.

6. Its a Proven Fact that If you watch Mr Ibu's movies & at the same time listen to Tonto Dikeh 's songs.. You'll Go into Coma.

7. Only igbo Girls knock before entering the elevator.

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