Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Davido tells Us About His New BB 10

Davido's tweet is actually funny, I wonder why he thinks it is necessary to tell us about his new BB 10, whereas we know he can afford to buy more than ten of them and share it to fans without blinking ... afterall he is Omo baba olowo

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  1. Dats what happens when u follow every tom dick and harry on twitter

  2. He's just a madt fooolish kid

  3. The tweet I guess was meant 4 his peers

  4. Tonto told us abt her tatoo, AY tweeted abt his new car , even linda ikeji did same, so y not Davidoo

  5. U Hater'z can't just stop Kip Hatin.....Hate him or not.......He's a Spoilt Rich Kid.....Better n Richer dan most of u HaTeR'z

  6. Exactly! Dey al say it so y cal him a child 4 saying his?


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